Treasury's Mnuchin says sanctions against Russians 'in…

Mnuchin promises to fix hedge fund tax loophole

Mnuchin promises to fix hedge fund tax loophole

The US Treasury Department claimed this is not a sanction list as no restrictions or bans apply to the listed persons in the United States.

"I will say, personally, I think the gun violence - it's a tragedy what we've seen yesterday, and I urge Congress to look at these issues", Mnuchin said at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing, The Washington Post reported. And you should expect them in...

Members of the U.S. Congress passed new sanctions on Russian Federation almost unanimously last summer and President Donald Trump, who wanted warmer ties with Moscow and had opposed the legislation as it worked its way through Congress, signed it reluctantly in August, six months into his presidency.

To carry out the law, the Treasury last month released a list of 114 senior Russian political figures and 96 "oligarchs" who it said have gained wealth or power through association with President Vladimir Putin.

On January 29, the US Department of Treasury published the unclassified version of the so-called "Kremlin List".

The U.S. Department of Treasury actively works on the new sanctions against Russian Federation that will be announced in a short time.