'The Bachelor's' Bekah Martinez explains being 'missing'

'The Bachelor's' Bekah Martinez explains being 'missing'

'The Bachelor's' Bekah Martinez explains being 'missing'

"To set the record straight, I am not a weed farmer", she said.

Jacqueline left on her own accord after having "swirling doubts" about her relationship with Arie. PSA: "always call your mom back", she captioned in another post. Likely, Bekah's mother was so relieved that she forgot and Bekah was too gone off that cloud to remember much of anything.

On "GMA" Tuesday, Martinez said she realized when she finally got in contact with the deputy months later, that her being listed as missing for so long was probably going to be an internet sensation. "But I'm picking up the pieces as they go along".

Turns out he wasn't being melodramatic or even flatulent but Lauren reminds Arie of a love he once knew (cough, Emily Maynard Johnson, cough.) That's when Arie gave Lauren B her rose.

Date No. 2 with Lauren: Yes, it did seem soon for Lauren to get another one-on-one since her first one-on-one was just last episode, but the shtick here was that since Lauren had trouble opening up emotionally she would have to have a "breakthrough" before Arie could give her a rose. Arie acknowledged that there was passion between them but he was still uncertain.

Lauren and Arie went to Luca and biked around. The latter of whom wasted no time telling Arie how immature Bekah M really is. Arie took Kendall for a walk and talked about meeting her family.

We also couldn't help but notice that as Arie wiped away his tears, he flashed one of the best man manicures ever shown on TV. She explained she's not confident enough in her feelings for him to continue, while continuously pausing to kiss him or lay in his arms. When they were alone together, Tia told Arie that she doesn't think Bekah M.is taking the competition seriously and is anxious she'll break his heart.

Date No. 4 with Tia, Bekah and Kendall: If there was such a thing as a sure bet this season I would have said it was Tia and Bekah both getting roses on this date and Kendall going home.

Next week, Arie meets the parents!

The first rose of the evening goes to Kendall, and after an awkward three-on-one dinner, Arie ends up giving his last rose to Tia.