Snapchat's Latest Update is Frustrating Users

Technology       by Nozair Hanif Mirza | Published

Technology by Nozair Hanif Mirza | Published

A petition to kill the latest version of Snapchat is gathering steam, with more than 700,000 irate users taking to to demand the removal of the recent update.

From a business standpoint, Snapchat needs to do something to resolve this issue because many users do not want to use it anymore and are willing to leave.

A post on Twitter by Snapchat Support earlier this week warned Snapchat users not to believe everything they read on the internet and instead encouraged anyone seeking assistance to refer to the Snapchat Update FAQ on the Snapchat support website. petition to "Remove the new Snapchat update" has received almost half a million signatures.

We'll have to see about that.

Snapchat has irritated "teens and celebs alike, and may put the fragile company in more trouble", reports The Daily Beast.

That tweet revealed two things: it is easy to be duped by false tweets and people are really angry about Snapchat's update.

Snapchat also has dropped to a two-star rating on Apple's App Store, owing to disgruntled users' posting a slew of one-star reviews after the redesign.

Numerous harshest critics of the redesign are the app's most loyal users, who say the new interface is confusing and cluttered, and that sharing messages with friends is more hard, as is tracking incoming messages. Those wishing to un-update their app have one option at this time - it seems to work for both Android and iOS devices, but we've yet to test every single piece of hardware, because that'd be insane.

Under the comment section of the petition one signatory wrote, "I am signing because Snapchat is my favourite app, me and my friends use it all the time".

Normally, app updates are a welcome change, but definitely not this one.

The unsnappy new design condenses Stories (photos and videos that disappear after a day) and Snaps (real-time conversations) on a new "Friends" page, but not in chronological order.

The update separates the "media content" from that of friends, a move aimed at avoiding problems faced by social media rivals Facebook and Twitter on proliferation of misinformation. Snapchat now has 187 million daily active users. If you want, you can also turn off Auto-update for specific apps.

Backlash against social media companies for interface redesigns is hardly a new phenomenon.

You used to be able to swipe left to find Stories.

And here you go!Congratulations, the older version of Snapchat is back again.