Players are reporting sound and lag issues with Fortnite's 2.5.0 update

Fortnite Free Skin Now Available on PS4 Workaround Lets PC Players Access It Too

Fortnite Free Skin Now Available on PS4 Workaround Lets PC Players Access It Too

Elsewhere, the latest patch adds key binding for toggling pickaxes, while the Social Panel has been expanded to make browsing lists easier.

In addition, the Fortnite update 2.5.0 improves smoothness of level streaming by loading content on a background thread, optimizes performance of player animations to improve overall frame rate and optimizes dust cloud and shield effects on low settings for better performance. The standard versions of those consoles now feature dynamic resolution and high quality temporal upsampling; the former seeks to ensure a smooth framerate by decreasing the resolution when necessary.

Added distinctive sound variations when starting to build with Wood/Stone/Metal.

Fixed a problem with empty progress bars incorrectly showing as full bars on Mac. The official Discord, the FortniteBR subreddit, and the game's Twitter mentions have become filled with angry players. Ideal for clearing out a group in a hurry, though they're blue in rarity so keep your fingers crossed.

All things considered, Fortnite Battle Royale fans on PS4 will likely jump at the chance to get the free PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack's outfit and glider, but it remains to be seen whether or not fans on PC and Xbox One will eventually receive their own kind of freebie.

The chances of the Chug Jug, minigun and crossbow dropping have also been increased, and there's a ton of fixes and improvements.

There's also changes to the tactical SMG, with a larger clip and firing rate, the revolver now uses medium ammo and all variants of the regular (and awful) SMG being removed from the game entirely.