On valentine's day, 10 men arrested for threatening couples in Ahmedabad

Dog donkey married amid Valentine's Day protest in Chennai

Dog donkey married amid Valentine's Day protest in Chennai

"If couples have the right to celebrate Valentine's Day, we have the right to save our culture", they had said. The outfit also staged protests against Valentine's Day in Hyderabad.

Such dramatic claims have led to the Hyderabad Police taking caution and maintaining a tight vigil in public places.

Police officials have said that they will be maintaining the same security cover like previous year and 23 teams will be deputed at the Jubilee Hills area on Wednesday. According to the report, members belonging to the Bajrang Dal - a militant group - harassed couples at the city's Sabarmati Riverfront before they were detained. This most shocking incident was reported from Chennai where Bharat Hindu Front workers got a dog and a donkey married in protest to indicated their opposition to Valentine's Day.

Fringe groups Bajrang Dal and Hindu Mahasabha have threatened to marry off any couple who is found on the street on Valentine's Day today.

As the time passed, the reports of Valentine's Day protests kept surfacing.

Earlier, a university in Uttar Pradesh, which is ruled by Modi's party the BJP, had declared February 14 a holiday and barred students from coming to the campus.

"We should not object to Valentine's Day because love does not have any community or caste".

Urging the Central government to declare "a day off for love", Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj told the news agency ANI that "love is every individual's right and it can not be taken away".

A member, Vatal Nagaraj, said the government "should give Rs. 50,000-1L to any couple who marry for love".

In another incident, members of Sakthi Sena organised a marriage of two dogs in Coimbatore in objection to Valentine's Day.