Nokia is launching a 'strategic review' of its health business

Nokia Health

Nokia Health

We hope we're not pouring one out for Nokia's wearables when the review is complete, but the writing, it seems, is on the wall for another tech company's ambitions to become a major player in the world of digital health. The company added that the patent business, brand partnerships and technology licensing operations that also fall under Nokia Technologies are not part of the review. In addition to products such as scales, smart watch activity trackers and blood pressure monitors, Withings had proprietary apps for Apple iOS and Google Android devices and open application programming interfaces to encourage developers to create apps compatible with its devices. Haidamus left Nokia a few months later.

Finnish network gear maker Nokia said on Thursday it has started a strategic review of its digital health business. "The strategic review of the Digital Health business may or may not result in any transaction or other changes", the company said in its press release, which means that it's going to consider all options on the table so a sale is not necessary.

It's only two years since Nokia acquired French startup Withings for $191 million to help make a bigger push into digital health.

But the wearables market has clearly faltered lately, as noted by TechCrunch, based on the struggles of companies like Fitbit.