Jared Kushner Company Investors Subpoenaed As Part of Tax Investigation

Trump Threatens to Veto Senate DACA Deal

Trump Threatens to Veto Senate DACA Deal

Authorities have gathered information from people who have lent money to or invested in real estate projects in NY and New Jersey, with some of the deals dating back to 2010, according to Bloomberg. The projects involve deals as far back as 2010.

"Kushner Cos.is not under investigation for any tax issues".

"In a rush to publish unsubstantiated information from unnamed sources Bloomberg has admitted in its own story that they are not clear on the facts. It has had no contact with anyone at the IRS or Justice Department Tax Division", Harder's statement said. "Bloomberg's "so-called reporting" is irresponsible and actionable". It started before special counsel Robert Mueller in May initiated a probe into possible election collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians, which includes a controversial Trump Tower meeting between Kushner, other campaign members and a Russian lawyer.

Attorney Charles J. Harder, who represents Kushner Companies, said in a written statement to Bloomberg that the company "has received no subpoenas or audit requests about its taxes" and "it is not in tax court on any audits".

Jared Kushner stepped down from his role in the family real-estate empire past year when he took on his role in the White House. The Securities and Exchange Commission and USA prosecutors in Brooklyn have also issued subpoenas related to the Kushner Cos. use of a program that grants foreign investors visas in exchange for large investments in certain US businesses.