Facebook set to launch two smart speakers in July 2018

Facebook set to launch two smart speakers in July 2018

Facebook set to launch two smart speakers in July 2018

Facebook is entering the smart speaker market with a pair of devices to rival the Amazon Echo and Google Home later this year, reports from the social network's supply chain have claimed.

Taking on Amazon, Google and Apple, Facebook is now set to officially roll out two smart home speakers in 2018. While now, Amazon's Echo is dominating the market, Google Home is not far behind. The smart speaker is just the initial-stage product, with more terminal devices expected to be rolled out in the coming years, the report added.

This innovative idea by Facebook will surely increase the smart speaker demand in the global market.

The speakers will have 15-inch touchscreens, but one of the models will be higher quality - something like a Google Home and Google Home Max. The company has opted to reschedule its debut because it still needs more time to flawless the device's acoustic quality and make some changes to its software.

Finally, the report notes that the speakers will be launched "in July at the latest", although no exact release date has been given. When Apple released its Siri-powered smart speaker, many applauded its sound quality.

Amazon outfitted the Echo Show with a 7-inch screen so that it could have a display panel that serves as an extension of the device's functions. Its new smart speakers will be available starting in July, according to a Digitimes report published Wednesday.

Aloha, which will be marketed as "Portal", will be more sophisticated than Fiona - offering facial recognition technology on top of the use of voice commands. A wide-angle lens on the front of the device will be able to recognize users. Fiona, on the other hand, doesn't have much information floating about regarding it. Both LG Display and Pegatron declined to comment on the leaked information though.

Facebook has signed music licensing contracts with Sony and Universal Music for smart home speakers.

It's undeniable though, that the smart speaker can be an awesome addition to our homes, for both making our lives easier and impressing our guests.