Facebook released a Kids messaging app

How to list product on Facebook Market Place

How to list product on Facebook Market Place

Chat heads have since become a popular feature for messaging apps across the board (except for iMessage), and Google is now integrating them into Google Phone version 17, as reported today by 9to5Google.

If kids are going to be sending messages over the internet, parents might want to give the child-friendly Messenger Kids a shot. Only friends or family that have been pre-approved will be able to speak to the child, and as it's just a messenger app, the child doesn't have, nor can he/she see another's profile.

More than 100 child advocates and experts-including groups like the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, ACLU of MA, and Parents Across America-have called the app "irresponsible", especially in light of research indicating that excessive use of social media is detrimental to children and teens.

Facebook last month told PCMag it had no plans to discontinue Messenger Kids any time soon.

Messenger Kids has sparked a lot of discussions regarding the online safety of children and their potential exposure to harmful individuals. Facebook Messenger Kids is controversial as the app encourages kids to get involved in social media and certain groups of the society are so outraged by the company's move to involve more and more kids into it's range. It's rare for an app to debut on Amazon before the Play Store, but it makes sense considering how many kids use the cheap Fire tablets.

Messenger Kids - allows parents to control who their children talk with, access to add or delete contacts, and receive notifications if their children report or block anyone they've been chatting with.