Experimental flu drug could kill the virus in one day

Experimental flu drug could kill the virus in one day

Experimental flu drug could kill the virus in one day

The new drug requires only a single dosage of a pill, compared with the current leading flu drug Tamiflu, which must be taken multiple times a day for five days to kill the virus.

Austin Regional Clinic has been studying a new drug to fight the flu.

In contrast, participants treated with one of the most common flu medications, oseltamivir (sold under the brand name Tamiflu), took 72 hours, and people taking a placebo required 96 hours to beat the virus. The experimental drug, however, kicks into action earlier, working to block the virus from hijacking cells in the first place, the Journal said.

The Shionogi compound and Tamiflu take around the same time to entirely contain flu symptoms, but the former provides immediate relief more quickly.

Once inside a cell, it captures the cell's apparatus, driving the cell to make duplicates of the infection. "I don't think the Tamiflu should be no more co-pay than $30, $35 max for everyone", she said. That's much faster than Tamiflu, which is the most popular treatment in the U.S. "We may be on track to break some recent records".

But this year, the flu really is just awful.

Beyond vaccination, there's a handy shortlist of things to know about the flu for this year, and a number of evidence-based things you can do to help avoid the worst of the flu (and to beat colds too) - including some things you might not exactly expect. Last week, 4.5 percent of visits to emergency departments were for influenza-like illness, the highest percentage since the 2014-2015 flu season.

Getting vaccinated is still the best defence against the flu. 'The data that we've seen looks very promising, ' he said.

Even though the flu is on the rise, it's dangerously easy to forget about the possibility of contracting it in the hustle and bustle of everyday routine.