Trump Aides Fill News Shows With Tone-Deaf Rematks on Domestic Violence

Trump Aides Fill News Shows With Tone-Deaf Rematks on Domestic Violence

Trump Aides Fill News Shows With Tone-Deaf Rematks on Domestic Violence

In a tweet last Saturday that did not mention any names, the President lamented that people's lives "are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation".

"There is no recovery for someone falsely accused", Trump tweeted.

He later issued a statement condemning domestic violence and saying he was "shocked" by the new allegations.

When people ask why the phenomenon of #MeToo, #TIMESUP, and the feminist revolution against harassment and abuse have arisen in the middle of this administration, some respond that there is nothing arbitrary about it.

Short described Trump as "saddened", "disturbed", and "disappointed" by the Porter situation, and he said that the president believes Porter's resignation was the right move.

Porter's two ex-wives have accused him of abusing them during their marriages.

Sorensen's former wife Jessica Corbett told the daily that he was physically abusive to her while they were married.

"Before we were contacted by the media, we learned last night that there were allegations. That doesn't come from this White House", she added.

In a powerful essay for Time, Jennifer Willoughby, one of Porter's ex-wives, said she felt as though the president had called her and Colbie Holderness, another of Porter's ex-wives, liars.

Questions are also being raised against chief of staff John Kelly, who reportedly knew about the allegations against Porter back in November.

Ms Conway said the job of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was not in jeopardy over his handling of the matter. In fact, I wrote a book and came out and was very tough on President Clinton at the time. Did he tell Trump and Kelly to say incredibly sympathetic things about Porter and praise him to high heaven while ignoring the victims? No.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on "State of the Union" later Sunday morning that Kelly, whom he considers a friend, should try to stay out of the press as Porter's story unfolds. "He's very sad. He also, as you probably know, he says he's innocent".

Judge Jeanine Pirro put her own spin on the recent domestic abuse scandals that are rocking the Trump White House - it's Barack Obama's fault. He said on Fox News Sunday that Trump and Kelly had a "very human reaction" to the allegations against Porter.