Facebook introduces new Valentine's Day features for Messenger

Feeling the Love with Messenger

Feeling the Love with Messenger

Starting on Wednesday, whenever a couple declares their romantic relationship on Facebook, a Messenger notification will open to their conversation with the loved one with a shower of "heart" across the screen. The brand is also updating its Meal Match feature, a game that allows people in a group chat to vote for the meals they like the best, ; to include Valentine's Day themed dishes.

Get personal: You'll be prompted to personalize your chat and set your own custom text color, emoji, and nickname in case you want to switch things up even more.

According to Facebook, "emojis are the new love language", with people sharing over 2 billion emojis daily on Messenger, with the kiss emoji and hearts for eyes emojis and heart emoji ranking as the most popular, in the top five.

It's Valentine's Day - the flawless time to express your love to an even greater extent.

Chatting with the loved one: the first person to appear on the Active Tab will be the users loved one which provisions them to see whether they are available to chat.

M Suggestion for Spotify Spotify is using M, a virtual assistant within Messenger that launched in April, as part of its Valentine's Day campaign. The heart emoji is the most commonly used emoji for both men and women.

For those who like to personalize their chats, red is the most popular chat color and ❤is the most popular custom emoji.

Clearly, these features are intended for those who love to share the love, but the real question Facebook and we are asking is does anyone really use Facebook's relationship status anymore?

This is not the first time Facebook celebrates the loveliest of days - a year ago the company released another bunch of filters and camera borders for Messenger, including some anti-love ones.

The Messenger camera is also being updated for the occasion, with a heart eyes filter among the new ones being added.

In the same blog post, Facebook also offers up some statistics on the love that is spread through Messenger. Then tap the star icon to access all of the fun filters and effects.