Batman Ninja Trailer Arrives, Release Date Revealed



Batman Ninja, the stunning anime movie that transformed the Caped Crusader into a samurai warrior, is getting a USA release this year. "We can't wait for fans to see this film".

Directed by Jumpei Mizusaki (opening animation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) and written by Kazuki Nakashima (Gurren Lagann), the story finds Gorilla Grodd's time displacement machine transporting Batman, a few of his allies, and many of his worst enemies to feudal Japan.

The trailer is the same one that debuted in December past year, just with the English cast. The first English trailer for the upcoming Batman Ninja seems to have the potential to be one of the craziest and yet possibly best things anyone has done with Batman in a long time. Leo Chu and Eric Garcia wrote the screenplay for English-language distribution. The villains are feudal lords ruling over the divided lands, with the Joker leading the warring factions.

Visually this thing looks stunning, and indeed while Batman may be struggling in the live-action features, Warner Bros. and DC continue to take interesting strides with the character in these direct-to-DVD animated features. They will be joined in the main cast by Grey Griffin and Tara Strong as Catwoman and Harley Quinn, respectively, alongside Fred Tatasciore (Gorilla Grodd and Deathstroke), Yuri Lowenthal (Robin), Adam Croasdell (Nightwing and Alfred Pennyworth), Will Friedle (Red Robin and Red Hood), Tom Kenny (Penguin) and Eric Bauza (Two-Face).

The idea that Batman exists as a stealthy, gadget-wielding, contemporary crime-fighting nocturnal ninja may seem like a given at this point, but it's a fairly recent trope that was ignited by movie and comic book reinventions and is far from the 1939 vision of a costumed rope-swinging detective of creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Home Entertainment have now also revealed the digital/Blu-ray release date, as Batman Ninja will be slicing its way to you on 24 April. Batman needs to use his intellect and his allies to bring peace to the land, including working with Catwoman and Robin and the rest of the "Bat-Family".