Apple HomePod Sound Quality Trails Sonos One and Google Home Max

Apple HomePod Sound Quality Trails Sonos One and Google Home Max

Apple HomePod Sound Quality Trails Sonos One and Google Home Max

With the Amazon Echo and Google Home being the only mainstream smart speakers on the market, a system that prioritized sound quality was hotly anticipated by audiophiles that wanted to retain fidelity while taking advantage of smart features. The HomePod should now be able to complete set up successfully.

What Hi-Fi?- my personal go-to source for stereo reviews - paints a picture of HomePod audio that's a mixture of the prevailing opinion and Consumer Reports' results.

The speaker also includes seven tweeters to play higher-pitched sound and a single four-inch woofer to handle the bass. Just remember that HomePod only works with Apple Music (for now) and that it doesn't work at all with Android phones even though it has a Bluetooth 5 radio inside and there's an Android version of Apple Music. But it really should for $745.

Once you enter your postcode, will perform a live lookup and check all the available providers in your area. The 3D acoustic mesh (which had to be sliced during the teardown) manages to keep the insides dust-free while also allowing sound waves to travel through with virtually no reflection.

And, worst of all: the power cord is non-removable. That's a hard question to answer for a few reasons. With that in mind, it's clear that Apple doesn't think you should have to. Of course, you can also ask for specific types of content by asking Siri for "sports news" or "business news", and so on. That's it. I tried to get Siri to call my mum. In other words, the HomePod is the ultimate Apple product. And in my testing, I agree: Apple has engineered an excellent sonic experience from a single unit. Most people want the flexibility of setting up a Sonos system in their house and playing whatever music service they want.

When it comes to sound quality on a single speaker, the Google Home Max edges out the other two competitors.

I honestly wonder what Apple's end game is here. On your iOS device, open up the app and tap on the arrowhead icon on the top left of your screen.

The good side of this is that the HomePod is extremely durable and probably won't break into pieces when your cat inevitably drags it down from your cupboard to the floor. Time will tell. With the future days of this particular device, all of its delays, and all of its quirks, Apple is as predictably frustrating as ever.