YouTube Reveals "New Consequences" To Punish "Harmful Content"

Fake News Rankings

Fake News Rankings

YouTube announced on its official blog some additional steps that video creators must follow from now on, or else there will be some harsh penalties.

YouTube has also punished some creators including Logan Paul who's advertising has been temporarily suspended.

Monetization and Creator Support Privileges. These include suspending or canceling premium monetization programs, suspending a channel's ability to feature ads, and removing a channel's eligibility to be a recommended video on YouTube. Following yet another outcry, YouTube made a decision to enact its new policies, "temporarily" preventing Logan Paul from making money from ads on his YouTube videos. After the removal of 150,000 disturbing videos involving kids previous year in November, now most widely used video site owned by Google, has announced a more formal and wider set of sanctions on channels that create offensive content.

Since the controversial video in the suicide forest, Logan Paul has found himself in hot water yet again for the content in his subsequent videos, which showed Paul tasering dead rats as well as encouraging his viewers to eat Tide pods.

Bardin outlined three new consequences for YouTubers who do "something particularly blatant. like conducts a heinous prank where people are traumatised, pomotes violence of hate towards a group, demonstrates cruelty, or sensationalises the pain of others in an attempts to gain views or subscribers". By making it free to upload content and allowing content creators to receive a cut of the ad revenue, Facebook hopes to bring more long-form content to the platform and chick away at YouTube.