We all have to be Robins to LeBron James's Batman — George Hill

LeBron James now has the Cavs pointed in the right direction

LeBron James now has the Cavs pointed in the right direction

On the season, the Cavaliers are averaging 109.8 points, 41.8 rebounds and 23.6 assists per game.

And then, only a few minutes past noon on Thursday, the National Basketball Association world exploded. Prior to the trade deadline, the narrative was that the Cavs were broken, Dan Gilbert had wrested control of the team away from first-year GM Koby Altman, and it was only a matter of time before LeBron was headed out the door.

Also, teams have become hesitant to trade first-round picks, which teams often want when they're dealing a top player.

According to Pluto, Thomas' hip injury didn't help things. Wade's age, 36, has caught up with him and was lost amidst Cleveland's decision to move towards a younger roster.

The perimeter upgrades will bring shooting and size to Cleveland's backcourt. "Who cares about all that stuff?'" Hill revealed. In his 22 games in New Orleans earlier this season, Allen, while on the court, averaged a +3.4 point differential.

With these trades, Cleveland reinserted itself into the Eastern Conference's list of contenders. More than anything else, these moves may signify to LeBron the organization is trying to improve. Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance, Jr. acquired from the Lakers add a pair of fresh, young legs to the Cavs to provide energy and bounce off the bench. I liked his attitude when he said in an interview that the time they have left is what it is and they had to make do with what they had. Whether they should have given up their first-round pick for Nance can be debated and no one has the right answer right now.

"Everyone played together and I thought the ball was moving", Korver said.

And just like that, another chapter was added to a chaotic season in Cleveland. James has a close relationship with Wade and had expressed appreciation for Frye. Shumpert has been in trade rumors forever.

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Are the Cleveland Cavaliers better now? LeBron, of course, is the kid from Akron.

"I'm exhausted of being traded", Thomas said following the Cavs' win over Minnesota. Just LeBron, he's going to make those guys better, I know that for sure. General manager Kolby Altman revamped the roster Thursday while injecting youth. He entered a hard position.

The Warriors stayed put at the deadline, as did contenders Houston and Oklahoma City. They could sign two players this summer, or sign one this summer and wait until 2019 to sign another.

Who does that and then goes on to win a championship? They have been attempting to dump contracts that would have them handicapped in their pursuit of both future free agents.

Thanks to a series of trades that rehashed their veteran-laden, old and non-athletic team, the Cleveland Cavaliers suddenly are now younger, more athletic and most importantly-able to compete in a faster National Basketball Association.