The Risks of Driving While Drowsy Have Been Vastly Underestimated

Crashes that involved drowsy driving

Crashes that involved drowsy driving

AAA experts questioned this statement and for many months watched more than 3,5 thousand motorists using special equipment and video cameras installed in the interior of the vehicle.

According to AAA 10% of all crashes involved drowsiness.

In addition to the main findings, results indicated that more than half of all drowsiness-related crashes took place after dark.

Ragina Cooper Averella with AAA Mid-Atlantic says the percentage of crashes involving sleepy drivers is eight times higher that federal estimates indicate. It's hard to know whether being exhausted contributed to a crash. They found that drivers often have trouble detecting drowsiness as a cause for a crash. "Unfortunately, things like drinking coffee, turning the radio up really loud, singing, rolling down the windows to get air really do not cure drowsiness", she says.

"Especially once you get on the highway and it's 75 miles an hour, you can get exhausted pretty quickly", driver Joni Hinz said.

"I try to stop at least every 2 hours", Hinz said.