'Nightwing' Director Chris McKay Asks Fans For Casting Advice For His Lead

Colton Haynes is teasing a role in Nightwing

Colton Haynes is teasing a role in Nightwing

Of course, I'm talking about Nightwing, whose first solo outing is set to begin production very soon under the capable hands of The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay.

As of noon Friday, "badass martial artist" leads the way with 47 percent of the vote. The second-place option, "vulnerable, emotional", has 22 percent. This is going to be a LONG process.

On Thursday, the director took to Twitter to make a poll and ask fans what qualities they would look for in an actor if they were to cast Dick Grayson. That's because McKay recently teased that around Valentine's Day, we might finally get some casting news and find out who'll be playing the titular hero.

As we've learned from experience, Warner's DC plans can and do change overnight, but it sounds like Nightwing remains part of the planned DCEU slate, and it's good to know that McKay is being afforded enough time to ensure that the script is right before moving the project movies ahead. We are taking our time. "Exciting year ahead!" he said, referencing DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns.

A prominent figure in the Batman mythology, Nightwing is the superhero alter ego of Dick Grayson, better known as Robin, after he comes of age.

Since making his debut in the 1980s, Nightwing has gone on to headline his own comics and has starred in a number of DC animated films and video games.