Kim Jong Un invites South's Moon to Pyongyang: Seoul

North Korean athletes look on during the welcoming ceremony ahead of the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympic Games

North Korean athletes look on during the welcoming ceremony ahead of the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympic Games

At the opening ceremony, Kim Yong-nam and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo-jong, waved to North and South Korean athletes who marched under a unified peninsula flag for the first time in a decade.

South Korea's presidential office said after the meeting that the North Korean leader has invited Moon to visit his country and expressed willingness to improve inter-Korean ties in the letter.

Many experts say Kim's overture is meant to use improved ties with Seoul as a way to weaken USA -led global sanctions toughened after its series of big weapons tests a year ago that include its sixth and largest nuclear test explosion and three intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

"People told us it was really amusing", he said.

A White House official described the South Korean president as hopeful that there would be "some talks and socializing" between Pence and the North Koreans over the course of the weekend.

But South Korea's presidential Blue House said Pence had a meeting scheduled with United States athletes and had only planned to stay briefly to greet other officials.

The unification ministry said the North's art troupe will return home across the land border, via the Gyeongui Line, around noon Monday.

Additionally, the vice president only stood for Team USA, making sure to remain seated when the combined teams of North and South Korea appeared together.

Japan does not participate in the military exercises, but it is within reach of North Korean missiles and relies heavily on USA forces and their readiness to deal with that threat.

The sight of North and South Koreans marching together for the first time in a decade was the culmination of months of work by Seoul.

Vice-president Pence recently states that Moon Jae-In, the president of South Korea gave a nod to additional sanctions planned by Washington in a bid to bring Kim to the negotiating table and make him abandon his ballistic nuclear weapons program.

Moon has always expressed a desire to reach out to North Korea. Speaking to NBC's "Nightly News" on Thursday, the vice president continued to stress that the United States would protect itself from North Korean nuclear threats by taking whatever "action is necessary to defend our homeland".

The North Koreans went through a busy schedule in South Korea as the world watched their every move.

"The vice present cheered for the team he's rooting for". The U.S. and Finland women's hockey teams also play Saturday.

"An early resumption of dialogue between the United States and the North is needed also for the development of the South-North Korean relationship", he said, according to his spokesman.

"The fate of our nation must be determined by our own selves - we must not allow the repeat of unfortunate past history where our fate was determined with no regard to our opinions", Moon said in a speech to South Korean lawmakers in November.