Here's how to track the Tesla Roadster in space

Enlarge  The Falcon Heavy rocket proved that 27 engines can fly together and not go all

Enlarge The Falcon Heavy rocket proved that 27 engines can fly together and not go all

Let's start with Wednesday's financials. Where these fragments end up will be hard to predict - and hence troublesome for future satellite launches to Mars, Saturn or Jupiter. However, the mass of most rockets are more than 95% fuel. This, more than anything, is why Tesla must hit its stride on the Model 3. The 18.9 per cent headline margin for the automotive business was weak. Anticipation was high: At one point, Tesla had 500,000 pre-orders.

Musk is a masterful marketer, and the red ink may not stem investors' excitement. But free cash flow will likely remain negative in the first quarter as the company estimates a negative Model 3 gross margin during the period. Several days earlier pilot Buzz Aldrin, mission commander Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins had blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center's launch complex 39A aboard Apollo 11.

It's an out-of-this world stunt that will stick for hundreds of millions of years (if all goes according to plan), and literally soar above the competition.

Leonard David is author of "Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet", to be published by National Geographic this October.

Also includes a Hot Wheels toy model Roadster on the car's dash with a mini-Starman inside.

It doesn't just mean the leather trim or seat fabrics will be left floating out in the galaxy but pretty much everything on the car.

Back on earth, while Musk's ventures are extraordinarily advanced, his missteps are often very basic. Falcon Heavy is capable of taking 68 tonnes of equipment into orbit close to the Earth. All that installed capital producing a trickle of vehicles trashes Tesla's gross profit margin.

And there's a lesson in that. "I was not even a year with the company. Jon is the right leader to build upon this momentum with his unique background of starting companies from scratch and managing at scale".

The video featured in Michael Greshko's yarn for National Geographicwrapping up the historical launch.

It turns out that two of the production specs for two of the battery zones that were outsourced for manufacturing "flat out didn't work". He studied the main screen following the rocket, and the two smaller screens of the boosters descending. Relatively affordable, rapid access to space will make true exploration of the solar system possible.

Elon Musk, founder, CEO and lead designer of SpaceX, speaks at a news conference following the successful launch of the Falcon 9 heavy rocket on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. The company's aims are just far bigger now. The debris could be drawn by the gravity of Mars, asteroids or even swept away with the solar wind.

Musk described himself as "cautiously optimistic", which suggests Tesla is still a bit nervous about its new goals. It's kind of silly and fun, but I think that silly, fun things are important. "No further delays in Model 3 production anticipated should be taken positively", said CFRA Research's Efraim Levy. And lord knows Musk can be a showman. So he picked his own luxurious Tesla roadster. Nasa has been more circumspect, putting its estimate for a manned mission somewhere in the mid-2030s.

It is official. That SpaceX Falcon Heavy payload has been assigned an interplanetary ID: Tesla Roadster (AKA: Starman, 2018-017A). Investors won't prop it up forever.