Democrats use DACA to gain Votes

Eric Bonzar — The Morning Journal

Eric Bonzar — The Morning Journal

As President Trump continues efforts to make America safer, he slams Democrats, accusing them of not wanting to fix the DACA program.

President Donald Trump on Saturday accused Democrats of using DACA only "as a campaign issue" and called on Twitter followers to "vote Republican" as the expiration deadline neared for the program affecting as many as 700,000 aliens brought to the children. The Democrats had the three branches of Government between 2008-2011 and did nothing about DACA.

Some quick background that Trump did not seem to have access to before he tweeted: since the early 2000s, several variations of a bill known as the DREAM Act, which was created to offer temporary legal status to individuals who were children when they arrived in the United States, were introduced in Congress. It passed the House and won a majority of votes in the Senate but was blocked by a Republican filibuster.

There are multiple problems with this, beginning with the fact that DACA-the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that offers legal status to undocumented immigrants who arrived to the USA as children-did not exist until 2012.

It is very possible that next week the debate on immigration reform will begin in Congress.

The battle is hard for Democrats, especially in the House of Representatives, where Republicans have a greater margin of advantage and, therefore, more power to include provisions to finance the Mexico wall and reduce legal immigration to the United States, as requested Trump.