Man loses rectum after long stay in toilet

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Muhammad Adnan

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A man from south-east China had to rush to the hospital at midnight after noticing a mysterious ball-sized lump fallen out of his anus.

After feeling a ball-shaped object protruding from his anus, the man called for help and was taken to hospital where surgeons had operate to remove it.

A CT scan was carried out on the patient and showed the spherical bulge sticking out from the guy's anus. A man from China had to part ways with his rectum after he sat on the toilet for too long playing video games.

According to the man, he had been playing mobile games while trying to defecate.

The patient, whose identity was not revealed, was treated by Dr Su Dan from the gastrointestinal surgery division of The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

The condition was diagnosed as rectal prolapse where the end part of the intestines loses its attachment with the body and comes outward while turning "inside out".

"The patient had rectal prolapse since he was four years old, the bulge was able to retract".

De Su said the poor patient also suffered with bruising and cuts along his intestinal wall. Rectal prolapse is most common in women over age 50, but it can occur in younger adults and children as well, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Lv, a colleague of Dr. Su, told MailOnline that sitting or squatting on a toilet causes pressure in the abdomen to build up, which can force the rectum to detach and protrude if the pelvic muscles are not strong enough to support one's body weight.

Dr Lv said for anyone who has had similar situation, they should get the condition treated as soon as possible.