Fiona The Hippo To Turn 1

Animal Kingdom Welcomes Baby Hippo With Springfield Ties

Animal Kingdom Welcomes Baby Hippo With Springfield Ties

Fiona is now a healthy and hefty hippo, who will celebrate her first birthday Wednesday weighing over 650 pounds.

"The birthday girl even made a special appearance and enjoyed a hippo-friendly cake made by our zoo nutritionist!" the zoo wrote with an Instagram photo of Fiona on her big day.

In her first year alone, Fiona has starred in her own TV show, she became an honorary sheriff's deputy and helped a couple get engaged.

The baby hippo was born six weeks premature on January 24, 2017. The little hippo - whose sex is yet to be determined - is the aunt or uncle of Cincinnati's Fiona.

Fiona's father, also named Henry, moved from the Dickerson Park Zoo to the Cincinnati Zoo. Fiona reportedly weighed just 29 pounds at birth, which for a hippo is very small; the average baby hippo, according to ABC News, ranges from 55-120 pounds.

Her growth has inspired the world, overcoming every obstacle thrown her way.