Trump in 'excellent health,' according to his presidential fitness exam

Trump in 'excellent health,' according to his presidential fitness exam

Trump in 'excellent health,' according to his presidential fitness exam

"The President is in excellent health".

"On this eve of MLK weekend where we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, it's an interesting coincidence of timing, frankly, that the president of the United States would speak the words, the hateful words that he spoke at a time that we are honoring a man that lived and died with the spirit of saying we are one people and human rights and humanity should be the priority for all of us", Harris told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. Trump welcomed Norway's Prime Minister Solberg to the White House on Wednesday; that might be why the Nordic country was on his mind.

And while he won the presidency without the support of California - Hillary Clinton trounced him there - the state's vehement opposition to his policies is beginning to cause major headaches in Washington DC.

But Graham's vulnerabilities as an immigration power broker have deeper roots. The two members of that group who ran for president were Sen. I congratulate Botswana for showing the way.

Most Californian cities - most notably San Francisco and Los Angeles - have declared themselves as "sanctuary cities" which deliberately discourage co-operation with immigration officers.

Trump denied he ever said "anything derogatory" about the people of Haiti.

As Haitian-Americans gathered later in the day in Little Haiti to commemorate the 8-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, many expressed their outrage about the president's comment.

Hopefully our nation's elected officials can fill the leadership gap, but here too, we don't see a lot of promise. "We were shocked to hear comments made by President Donald Trump", Marleine Bastien said.

Geralde Gabeau, shown in 2015, could not sleep Thursday night after President Trump's crass dismissal of Haiti and African nations.

Haitians weren't the only people offended by the president's comments.

Durbin created what is known as the "Dreamer" movement.

The president, who appeared in a videotaped address, has big support from the newly hyphenated Venezuelans and Cubans, who support his hard line against those governments.

With a 40 per cent Latino population, a lengthy border with Mexico and an estimated 2.4 million undocumented immigrants, California is ground zero for America's divisive debate on immigration. "It's time for a call to action for all to stand against this barbarism, against this racism".

"I think Trump is a good president for me", Mario Gonzalez, from Cuba, said. Critics say Florida is an exception because it's a battleground state in which Republicans need to retain voter support. "No one is perfect".

The remarks stirred criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, along with the mainstream media. The Gang of Six's idea, to the contrary, is to re-allocate visas to keep beneficiaries of TPS here and to sprinkle visas among various Third World countries. Haitians gave their blood back in 1779 to fight for the independence of this country.

The president's thoughts on immigration sprawled through several Twitter posts on Friday morning before he tweeted his denials about some of the language he used at the DACA meeting.