Thirty-Year-Old Dad Becomes One of UK's Youngest Alzheimer's Sufferers

Thirty-Year-Old Dad Becomes One of UK's Youngest Alzheimer's Sufferers

Thirty-Year-Old Dad Becomes One of UK's Youngest Alzheimer's Sufferers

The results showed that a higher level of amyloid beta was associated with increasing anxiety symptoms over time, suggesting that worsening anxiety may be an early indicator of Alzheimer's disease. People with this type of Alzheimer's generally have the same life expectancy as the person they inherited it from.

Mr Bradbury was told he may have the condition when Ms Evans was four months pregnant in early 2016, but decided not to get tested at the time.

The Alzheimer Society of releasing findings of a new survey to help kick off its new social awareness campaign - I live with dementia.

He said: 'I try not to think about it.

Yet, shortly after the twins' first birthday, his symptoms started getting more severe, prompting him to get diagnosed. "It was particularly hard to hear that the children have a chance of getting it too".

She said: "We had a suspicion something was not right but were praying that it was not this".

'It does not just affect me, it affects everyone around me as well.

The content/reporting displayed on our website is provided "AS-IS", "AS AVAILABLE, by us from third party, agencies, sources, without any verification from our side. I want to be as much of a dad as I can for as long as I can be".

"As my memory fades I'm hoping this will create lasting memories for my partner and our children so that one day they can look back on the videos and photos of us all together and cherish the memories".

'We were very shocked and devastated by the diagnosis.

The pair, who met 12 years ago, have set up a Justgiving page to raise $13,000 to take their children on the trip to Disneyworld in Florida later this year.

They are hoping to go by the middle of this year as they "do not know how he will be in six months".

Daniel, who lives with partner Jordan Evans and their twins Lola and Jasper, is now attempting to raise money so that he can take his family on a final holiday before his memories begin to fade.

Daniel also hopes to use the money to tick off a number of things on his bucket list, including to sky dive with his brothers.

Cindy and others invite the Cowichan Valley residents to hear their inspiring stories and take a few pointers from them on how to be open and accepting towards people living with dementia.

"It will mean a lot to be happy as a family, to look back and remember all the good times that we had".

Clare Walton, from Alzheimer's Society, said: "Dementia is not a natural part of ageing and it doesn't just affect older people".

"The needs of younger people with dementia are very different to those of older people and there is a shortage of age appropriate services in the United Kingdom".

According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, there are an estimated 564,000 Canadians living with dementia, and an additional 25,000 new cases diagnosed each year.