Shifting numbers and definitions of 'missing' after mudslide

Montecito mudslide MAP

Montecito mudslide MAP

Also at noon, the evacuation order that was put in place for areas east of Toro Canyon Road and north of Highway 192 will be listed.

As searchers continued to look for bodies in the thick mud and evacuations remained in effect, the economic damage ranged up and down the coast, far from where the mudslide ravaged the celebrity getaway of Montecito.

Authorities had said late Thursday that approximately 43 people were unaccounted for, but most of them have since been reported safe, according to Chris Elms, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. "He said so many times that after his passing, 'Make sure everyone prays for my soul.' We will, Roy!"

The hills below which the luxury homes nestled had been stripped of the stabilizing groundcover by the massive brushfires that roared virtually unchecked through the same upscale neighborhood just four weeks ago.

This week has been a tough one when it comes to weather conditions. At least 5 people, including a 2-year-old, remain missing.

She said as her house was positioned on a knoll, she felt secure and that despite being informed she wouldn't have water or gas, she feels grateful.

The geological survey said many deaths from debris flows occur when people are asleep, just as happened in Montecito, where heavy rain fell in a short period of time a few hours after midnight.

MONTECITO, California, January 12, 2018 (ENS) - First the worst fire in California history, then torrential rains, have brought down whole hillsides in Montecito, an upscale village in Santa Barbara County.

He runs inside, closes the door and instructs his mom to wake his dad up and get ready to go.

"We are the lucky ones", he said, shaking his head with the knowledge that a single boulder on a different trajectory could have taken out his home. They are trained to track live human scent and find survivors.

Riskin Partners described its founder as a renowned businesswoman whose "knowledge, strength and work ethic were eclipsed only by her unending grace, warmth and kindness".

After a wildfire, burned vegetation and charred soil create a water repellent layer which blocks water absorption. The school's headmaster, Michael Van Hecke, a friend of Rohter for more than 25 years, said: "Roy's life has been in service to his good, loving and ever-forgiving God". But I'm just trying to understand - you know, two people died in that fire, and more people have died in these mudslides.

Among those killed in the mudslides was Mark Montgomery, MD, an orthopedic hand surgeon affiliated with Santa Barbara-based Cottage Health and the Santa Barbara-based private practice Associated Hand Surgeons, according to KSBY-6 News.

A fleet of large trucks and heavy equipment rolled into town Thursday, and the forces on the ground swelled to more than 1,200 workers. Get out of here!

Marco Farrell, recorded the deluge of brown, muddy water come crashing past his home, dragging debris from destroyed houses and cars with it. Aerial footage over Montecito showed a contrast of widespread damage next to homes completely untouched by the disaster.