Moscow Reaffirms Illegality of Israeli Settlement Activities on Palestinian Soil

The Associated Press

The Associated Press

About 40 Palestinians wrere injured in clashes with the Israeli forces in the West Bank on Friday, the Palestine Red Crescent Society said.

"The position of the European Union on Israeli settlement construction and related activities is clear and has not changed; any settlement activity is illegal under global law and undermines the viability of the two-state solution and the prospect of lasting peace, "said an EU spokesperson for Foreign Affairs in a statement".

The paper, citing Palestinian officials, said that while Trump's peace envoys have been shunned by the PA, diplomatic channels remain open, and were never severed.

Pence also mentioned that the past 20 years have seen US administrations and Congress recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but none of them were "brave enough to take a step forward and implement this policy on the ground".

The country captured the West Bank and east Jerusalem in the 1967 war and has since built dozens of settlements there.

"This agenda runs counter to Israel's national interest, as well as the interests of everyone who seeks a peaceful future in the region", the group said.

In an annual press conference with foreign press held Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that the government and Knesset headquarters will be in Jerusalem, regardless of the peace negotiations' results, Sputnik new agency reported.

"Helping to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict in the Middle East has been a priority for me since I took office", he said. On 23 December 2016, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 2334 demanding that Israel immediately halt their settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian teenager, identified as Ali Omar Kino, 16, was pronounced dead shortly after arriving to the Nablus Hospital, after being shot by Israeli forces during clashes that erupted in the Tel and Iraq Burin villages of southern Nablus in the northern West Bank.