Lee Schools: Graduation rate hits highest level

West Virginia's 'exemplary' high school graduation rate recognized

West Virginia's 'exemplary' high school graduation rate recognized

Indianapolis Public Schools also made gains in graduation rates for the second year in a row.

The schools recognized in this achievement represent 58.6 percent of the 116 high schools in West Virginia. Since then, though, the district has seen increasing graduation rates every year - with the exception of 2012.

Photo Provided West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Steven Paine spoke Friday during an event in Charleston honoring almost 70 West Virginia high schools for having graduation rates of 90 percent or above.

The 2017 graduation rate rose slightly for the Northwest Allen County Schools district and dropped a notch at Fort Wayne Community Schools, East Allen County Schools and Southwest Allen County Schools, the Indiana Department of Education reported in data released Friday.

From 2007 to 2011, Indiana's graduation rate steadily climbed from 78 percent to 87 percent.

Montcalm High School Principal Craig Havens said it feels good to have a high graduation rate.

Four local high schools were among the rankings of over sixty schools that had a 90 percent or higher graduation rate within the state of West Virginia. They vastly expanded the state's charter school system and established a statewide program where some students could get public money to pay for private school tuition. In 2016, the school saw 94.2 percent of the cohort graduate. Both schools dropped about three points from the previous year.

Only standard diplomas are counted as graduates.

Officials gathered in Charleston Friday to recognize almost 70 schools from throughout the state which had graduation rates of 90 percent or higher for the 2016-17 school year.

"We are proud of Homestead High School's graduation rates", said Homestead principal Park Ginder. IN requires students to pass state tests to graduate unless they can get a waiver by meeting other criteria. Black students and kids with special needs had graduation rates below 80 percent.

FWCS' graduation rate was a few tenths of a percent lower in 2017 at 88.95 percent, and the non-waiver rate was down 2 percentage points to 76.6 percent.