Lebanon blast: Hamas official wounded in vehicle bomb attack

Mohammed Hamdan in hospital

Mohammed Hamdan in hospital

A Hamas official whose brother is a leader in the organization was injured in a vehicle bombing in Sidon, southern Lebanon, according to a spokesperson for the terror group.

Hamdan was hit in "the explosion of a bomb placed under a BMW brand vehicle", a military source told AFP.

Military and medical sources told AFP that a Hamas official was wounded, while Al Arabiya reported that Abu Hamza Hamdan was killed in the attack.

Mohammad Hamdan is the brother of senior Hamas leader Osama Hamdan.

A medical source at the scene said Hamdan, also known as Abu Hamza, suffered serious wounds to his legs while opening the door to his auto, and was transported to hospital.

The burnt-out vehicle was seen afterwards in a auto park. However, Hamas' representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka told the local television channel LBC that the explosion did not target any Hamas officials.