Vermont will be the next USA state to legalize recreational cannabis

Do you think legalizing pot will reduce crime in NJ?

Do you think legalizing pot will reduce crime in NJ?

Several law enforcement groups in Vermont have been steadily criticizing the upcoming legalization, stating that cannabis is potentially a serious health hazard, and that there's no simple way to determine the intoxication of drivers with marijuana.

A bill legalizing the recreational use of marijuana on Wednesday cleared the last hurdle in the Vermont Legislature.

The bill, House Bill 511, legalizes the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and the cultivation of two mature and four immature plants by persons 21 or over. "Governor Scott would be wise to provide Vermonters with this path forward, rather than cling to the failed policies of the past".

For now, anyway. The bill also calls for a task force appointed by the governor to study the issue and recommend "legislation on implementing and operating a comprehensive regulatory and revenue system for an adult marijuana market" by December 31. But the session ended before that bill would see a final vote.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law, but the Obama administration enacted policies that allowed states to legalize the plant without triggering government intervention.

It's anticipated that the Governor of Vermont Phil Scott will be signing the bill shortly, which passed the Democratic-run Senate by vote, while the House of Representatives passed the bill during last week.

Vermont's recreational marijuana law will take effect in July, assuming signs it as expected.