TNT Officially Orders Snowpiercer Series

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Daveed Diggs and Lena Hall will both star in Snowpiercer, which TNT has just picked up for a full season order.

"I'm a personal fan of Bong Joon Ho's epic film, and jumped at the chance to honor his original vision, yet expand upon the world and characters with a diverse, award-winning cast".

Some have a more holistic approach to the upcoming series and their hopes for it. TNT Executive Vice President of Original Programming Sarah Aubrey believes science "fiction is the ideal genre to examine issues of race, class, gender and natural resources with thought-provoking and exciting storytelling. Snowpiercer will explore those relevant issues while embarking on a wild, action-filled ride". "Now we are excited to work together in creating a world unlike any other on television".

Although Derrickson has directed the pilot, there's no official information on who'll be the show-runner.

After a pilot episode directed by Scott Derrickson of Doctor Strange fame and written by Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), the series will follow - like the Chris Evans-led film - the survivors of a world-freezing apocalypse "who inhabit a huge, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe".

Connelly plays a First Class passenger on board the train who serves as its Voice, which makes PA announcements throughout the day to all inhabitants. To survive the planet's harsh conditions, what's left of humankind has been confined to a massive, perpetually moving train that circles the world.

Ho based his movie on a graphic novel by Jacques Lob. "They inhabit the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, which is divided into two feuding classes". However, since it's a TV series, a major portion of the show might revolve around the mechanics of the train and fleshing out the societal norms that governs it. The series is executive produced by Tomorrow Studios' Marty Adelstein ("Aquarius", "Prison Break", "Teen Wolf") and Becky Clements ("Good Behavior", "Aquarius", "Last Man Standing"); and the original film's Bong Joon Ho, Park Chan-wook, Lee Tae-hun and Dooho Choi.

Or Snowpiercer could be the kind of angry, thoughtful political science fiction show we need right now, a genre series that does for 2018 what Battlestar Galactica did for the post-9/11 years.

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