TiVO Sues Comcast Again for DVR-Related Patent Infringement

TiVO Sues Comcast Again for DVR-Related Patent Infringement

TiVO Sues Comcast Again for DVR-Related Patent Infringement

TiVo has filed new patent lawsuits against Comcast in the USA, claiming that the pay TV operator's X1 platform infringes technology invented and patented by Rovi. Comcast has said it will appeal the ITC decision, but in the meantime, the cable operator disabled a feature that allowed X1 customers to remotely schedule DVR recordings from mobile devices and web browsers.

Comcast said in a statement that it independently created its X1 products and that it would aggressively defend itself against the lawsuits, calling them an attempt by Tivo to make money from an "ageing and increasingly obsolete patent portfolio".

"Through decades-long investment in research and development, Rovi has created innovations that delight consumers in their day-to-day entertainment experience", said Enrique Rodriguez, president and CEO of TiVo, in a statement.

In November, the ITC ruled that Comcast infringed two Rovi patents and issued an exclusion order barring the importation and sale of infringing set-tops.

"Our commitment to our customers and stockholders compels us to protect these valuable inventions from unlicenced use".

TiVo will also file action with the ITC regarding the same patents, seeking an order to prevent infringing X1 boxes from import into the US.

Tivo Corp (TIVO.O) has again sued cable operator Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O) of using its patented interactive programming technology without authorization, the latest salvo in the companies' long-running royalty dispute.

Sterling Auty, an analyst for JP Morgan said in a November that the ITC's ruling could induce Comcast to resolve the lawsuits through a new licensing agreement. Rovi, which acquired TiVo in 2016, had originally filed a suit alleging that Comcast and its suppliers infringed 14 of its patents.