This how much Meltdown and Spectre fixes slow down your computer

This how much Meltdown and Spectre fixes slow down your computer

This how much Meltdown and Spectre fixes slow down your computer

Shenoy said that if the reboot issue requires a firmware update, it will be distributed through normal channels.

While Meltdown affects Intel-only processors, Spectre also affects rivals AMD and ARM. Along with these patches comes the expectation of performance hits, and yesterday, Intel shared some benchmarks to show relative performance for a handful of recent Core i7 CPUs after its patches for Spectre and Meltdown were applied.

In the meantime, Microsoft this week said it has "temporarily paused" patches for Windows customers running AMD processors after some users reported seeing the "blue screen of death" after the update was applied. "Specifically, these systems are running Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs for both client and data center", Shenoy wrote.

While its statement regarding its products' vulnerability both Spectre variants has changed, the company said its chips' architecture will make it very hard for attackers to exploit version 2.

Intel notes that performance for "web applications that involve complex JavaScript operations may see a somewhat higher impact (up to 10 percent based on our initial measurements)" while "graphics-intensive [workloads] like gaming or compute-intensive like financial analysis see minimal impact". However, nearly immediately, customers began experiencing issues with their systems rebooting unexpectedly.

What the update from NVIDIA does is that it makes its GPUs work more securely with CPUs that are affected by Meltdown and Spectre.

Earlier today, AMD also announced it will start shipping microcode updates that mitigate the same Spectre flaw. If you have machines that are fairly new and not in compute intensive environments, then apply the patches as they come from the vendor along with the patches that come from Microsoft, Apple or are issued for your Linux distribution.

Given Nvidia shares GPU architecture across all its graphics tech, from GeForce gaming cards to enterprise-grade Quadro and Tesla chips, it seems a whole host of Nvidia kit is affected by Spectre.

Security best practices dictate containers run with least-privilege access to the underlying operating system and host.