The Great Amazon-Google Smackdown Hits the Vegas Strip

The Great Amazon-Google Smackdown Hits the Vegas Strip

The Great Amazon-Google Smackdown Hits the Vegas Strip

Realizing it has a bit of catching up to do and possibly may need to redefine the ground rules, Google this week put the consumer electronics world on notice that this no longer is a one-horse race. The company has installed a giant booth outside CES and taken out sponsorship of the Las Vegas Monorail.

The smart speakers have the potential to disrupt other entertainment devices in the home. The OS on the Smart Display will be the new Android Things OS which Google had announced towards the end of 2017, since the company wanted their new internet of things devices to be powered by the software. Considering that Amazon is now leading in the category of smart home appliances, Google has taken drastic measures to prevent Alexa from moving forward.

The market is still growing fast, with smart speakers among the top-selling devices at Amazon. The potential for Amazon to dominate the next phase of computing is a serious threat to Google, a company built on revenue from online search and advertising.

Google's First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound embeds Google Assistant along with a full speaker into a ceiling mounted smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. 64% of those who responded in the survey are using the device for smart home functionality and 66% said they wanted to entertain using the speakers with music and other content.

The biggest brands are not the only players in voice assistants.

Would it come as a surprise that neither Amazon or Google made money on smart speakers during the holiday period after embarking upon a market share contest?

Starting your day gets easier with the Lenovo Smart Display. It has weather, news and calendar functions.

Google official websitePromo image for Google Home Mini.

Both Smart Displays will be available starting this summer. The hubs are based on Qualcomm's SDA624, which powers the Lenovo Smart Display. This could reduce usage of Google's core services.

In addition, there have been a number of new start-up smart home automation companies embracing Google Assistant or Apple's HomeKit.

"That is correct. When Google Home detects that you've said "OK, Google" or 'Hey Google", the LEDs on top of the device light up to tell you that recording is happening", A Google representative said, "Google Home records what you say and sends that recording (including the few-second hotword recording) to Google in order to fulfill your request". "Home experience will set the expectation for voice interaction, inquiry, and control of other [IoT] devices".

"When these devices detect the wake word, they stream audio to the cloud, including a fraction of a second of audio before the wake word", Amazon's website reads. See the most important products that will impact businesses and professionals. We can also expect support for 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth and a USB port.