Terminally-Ill Man Says Goodbye To Granddaughter

Braylynn Lawhon 5 who has brain cancer is seen next to her grandfather who suffers from ALS

Braylynn Lawhon 5 who has brain cancer is seen next to her grandfather who suffers from ALS

A mother who has been documenting her 5-year-old girl's fight against brain cancer on Facebook has posted a heartbreaking picture that shows the pain loved ones go through when their children are suffering.

Parker's 5-year-old daughter, Braylynn Lawhon, is now battling Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a deadly form of brain cancer that has no cure or survival rate, the Daily Advertiser reported.

There is now no effective treatment for DIPG, which is extremely resistant to chemotherapy and experts say has a 0 per cent survival rate.

'In a few days I will have to bury this handsome little girl.

Parker's father, Sean Peterson, sitting next to her granddaughter in the picture, suffers from ALS and can no longer speak - but his expression of agony is worth a million words.

But Parker has since received what she is calling a "glimmer of hope".

"Months, maybe even weeks, later, I will have to bury my father", she added.

"Both of my heroes, gone, within the same year.How could this happen to us?" What did any of us do to deserve THIS? What are we supposed to do?

"This world is a awful place".

Parker's family have been raising money for Braylynn to have cancer treatment in Mexico, but her prognosis isn't looking good. The treatment is reportedly not covered by insurance and requires several rounds, hence the expensive price.

In a post on Monday, Ally wrote: 'Braylynn is still here. "Her pulse is barely there and we cannot feel it, but we can hear it with a stethoscope". Today will be the worst day of my life so far, and in less than a week, I will have a day that is even more awful.

In the photo, Lawhon was near death and surrounded by family waiting to say goodbye. My baby girl deserves to live a full, happy life, and so does every other child who has had to face DIPG.

'We have to put an end to this.

She added, "I couldn't be more proud of my Braylynn, she's always been a tough kid but I severely underestimated her strength". We HAVE to find a cure, not a damn band aid.

Parker posted about the little girl's plight in a bid to raise awareness.