Snapchat's Redesign Gets Slammed by Users

How to downgrade Snapchat- get a previous version of the app

How to downgrade Snapchat- get a previous version of the app

The Daily Beast reports on the secretive culture inside Snap (NYSE:SNAP) that keeps many employees out of the loop on new designs and nearly everyone out of the loop on specific user data.

A prominent new feature in the app known as Snap Maps, that lets you share your location with friends and view their Bitmoji on a map. The flat nature of Snap's daily active user (DAU) count paints a picture of a company that is treading water while its competitors (most notably Instagram) thrive at its expense and surpass it.

The Publisher Story on Snapchat will record the day-by-day highlights of the month-long tournament through recaps, previews and features produced specifically for Snap.

Several other tweets from the account have attempted to make it easier for people to use the new version of the app. The data, which covered the period from April to September, indicates that only 21 percent of users view Discover daily.

Unfortunately, the redesign was met with a firestorm of complaints mainly over the merger of the original "Stories" screen with the page that shows individual messages and snaps. The Daily Beast has gotten its hands on a huge treasure trove of data, which reveals the stunted nature of Snapchat's growth between April and September, 2017.

Fox Sports will also produce magazine-like editions of content for Snapchat's mobile-first audience, called Publisher Stories.