Singer Lorde a 'S***head' for Cancelling Israel Show — Howard Stern

Lorde performing at the 2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards in November

Lorde performing at the 2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards in November

Stern and his co-hosts labeled Lorde a one-hit wonder, pointing out that she has no issue playing shows in Russian Federation despite their influence on the USA election and their role "planting all kinds of problems around the world, all kinds of terrorism".

The US radio host wasn't impressed at the Kiwi singer's actions.

Stern labelled the Kiwi singer a "s.head" and a one-hit-wonder in a foul-mouthed tirade earlier this month on his United States radio show.

He's the latest pro-Israel voice to unload on the 21-year-old, who last month announced a show in Tel Aviv, then cancelled it after "an overwhelming number of messages and letters" asking her not to perform.

Lorde, performing at the 2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards in November.

Earlier in the month, supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement had encouraged her to boycott the country to signal her disapproval of its government's policies oppressing Palestinians.

United States radio personality Howard Stern.

US radio personality Howard Stern
Michael Loccisano US radio personality Howard Stern

"Fuck her. One hit song this girls' living off of", Stern said in response to reports of Lorde cancelling the show. I don't even know. "She was supposed to play in Israel", Stern said.

"And by the way Lorde is going to play Russian Federation, she has no problem with Russian Federation, the only place in the world that she can't play is Israel, so what do you think is going on, what's the one thing about Israel that's different then all other places. You know, there's Jews there".

"I hope Lorde has a good time in Russian Federation, and quite frankly I think it's fantastic that Lorde can sell out a concert anywhere", Stern later added.

"Her song is "Royal".

Stern is not the only prominent USA celebrity to criticise Lode's decision to cancel her Israel show.

Comedian Roseanne Barr described the Kiwi singer a "bigot" for her decision, and a full-page ad in Washington Post has also appeared criticising the cancellation.