Rose Leslie reveals details about her wedding to Kit Harington

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding isn't happening anytime soon

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding isn't happening anytime soon

Game of Thrones fans let out a collective "awww" a few months ago, when news broke about Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's engagement.

The 30-year-old has been dating the Jon Snow actor since 2012 after meeting on the set of Game of Thrones. "I haven't tackled it", she told the magazine. "There's just too much to do".

The Good Fight star said she was "trying to fit in my wedding" amid her screen roles during an interview with Town & Country magazine.

Ygritte was killed off in HBO's medieval fantasy epic based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling book series A Song Of Ice And Fire. No wonder the Scottish actress has no time to plan her wedding!

She explained: 'She's tragic, and there's something within me that loves that tragedy. The actress, who now stars in CBS' The Good Fight, is trying to squeeze the planning into her hectic filming schedule. She's so torn and vulnerable that I've always wanted to play her.

At the beginning of the second season, Maia is fresh from a stint in jail and "she's hardened, ' Rose said. Maia isn't taking any sh*t this time around".

'I did have some plans to do it, ' he said.

"I did have some plans to do it, I was going to string up some lights in some trees and do all the romantic stuff.", Kit said of his initial proposal plans, before adding that the day before his chosen day, ".we were in the country and we were under this handsome night sky and had a log fire burning and red wine, and I blew my load early".

He quickly added, 'Sorry, ' laughing at the sexual insinuation.