Gov. Walker to close Lincoln Hills juvenile prison

Gov. Walker to close Lincoln Hills juvenile prison

Gov. Walker to close Lincoln Hills juvenile prison

A federal judge ordered past year that the use of solitary confinement, shackles, and pepper spray be drastically reduced at the facility, which is roughly 20 miles north of Wausau.

"By moving from one facility to several facilities across the state, and placing a focus on mental health and trauma-informed care, we believe this plan will improve long-term outcomes for both juveniles and our staff working at these facilities", the governor said in a statement.

"Republicans and Democrats alike agree this is the way forward to reform juvenile corrections", Walker said.

Under Walker's proposal, the state would borrow $80 million to build five regional youth correctional institutions.

Democrats were quick to criticize Walker, calling his plan an election year move as he begins his campaign for a third term.

Continue Wisconsin's focus on enhancing mental health and treatment outcomes in close collaboration with families, courts, and Wisconsin counties.

DOC and the Department of Health Services, which operates the Mendota facility, will be responsible for drafting specific spending plans.

Gov. Scott Walker announced Thursday that the Lincoln Hills-Copper Lake prisons will be changed into medium security adult prisons.

"Something had to be done", Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer said Thursday. Under the new plan, each new facility would house between 32 and 36 teens.

Require DOC to make employment opportunities available for LHS/CLS staff at the new adult facility in Lincoln County or one of the new juvenile facilities. While smaller than the hundreds that the facilities can now hold, Jeffery Roman says the plans would still house too many youth in one facility.

Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, who along with a number of Democrats have called for such changes, said "it's not that we're not enthused for action, it's certainly the right thing to do, but it's a little rich coming from the governor who's been the main obstacle to any kind of corrections reform - not just juvenile corrections". Funding will also be provided to convert LHS/CLS to a medium security adult correctional facility.

Wisconsin will spend some $80 million to build new centers and to train staff properly. Any programming adjustments will be administratively implemented by DOC in consultation with other state agencies and relevant stakeholders.

"If the Legislature wants to advance the plan sooner we would be supportive of those efforts", he said. Walker acting. I've got news for Gov. There are 313 jobs at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but as of November, 67 of the positions were unfilled. Ignoring the ongoing abuse of Wisconsin youth and the imminent danger of facility workers is criminal negligence at best.

Work with state and local officials to make sure that new detention centers are accessible but also safely distant from one another (Lincoln Hills and Copper Lakes were both in rural, northwest Wisconsin, while most of its detainees were from Milwaukee, in the state's southeast corner).