Google Duo Spotted Working on Android Smartphones Without the App Installed

Google Duo lets you make calls to contacts who don't even have the app installed

Google Duo lets you make calls to contacts who don't even have the app installed

According to a report by AndroidPolice, an incoming call will fly over the display with view of the caller's camera even if the recipient has not installed the Google Duo app on his or her device. For those who will receive a call for a Duo user, they will receive a notification and they will be able to receive by dragging up the phone icon and do most of the features found in Duo as if they have it installed.

The ability to make Duo calls to people without it installed on their end should make it more accessible and reduce the complaints that "none of my friends use it".

Google has rolled out an update to the Duo and Allo video calling and messaging applications. At another side, users can answer the calls, mute the microphone, hold like a regular duo call, and change cameras.

The company is also reportedly working on versions of the app for web browsers, and group calls with better audio quality. Recipients of the call even have the option to block the caller from contacting them again once the call ends.

The Reddit user also claimed that a sudden increase in users in the first list indicates that this feature is relatively new and might be because either Google Duo is now an Instant App or is a part of Google Play Services.

Reports, however, say this ability to make Duo calls to even those who aren't using the app is now restricted to Android users.

A recent update to the service, spotted by Android Police, allows outbound calls to be placed from Duo and received by someone without the app installed.

Alongside the change to Duo, Google is improving Allo, its messaging app. Google has used App Preview Messaging since its inception to send messages to non-Allo users.

You must definitely be wondering, how does Google make this happen? However, this isn't going to work with everybody on your contact list - iPhones and other non-Android devices are obviously off limits.