Donot interfere in education sector, J&K minister to Army Chief

Donot interfere in education sector, J&K minister to Army Chief

Donot interfere in education sector, J&K minister to Army Chief

Further, Gen Rawat said that neighbours like Nepal, Srilanka, Afghanistan among others should not be allowed to drift away.

In order to meet this challenge, "some control has to be exercised", he said.

Addressing a press conference on the eve of the Army Day, Rawat said each classroom in government schools in Jammu and Kashmir has a separate map of the state besides that of India which sowed the seeds of thought of some kind of "separate identity" among the children. "These nations have to be kept on board, and I think we have to put in our wholehearted effort to ensure we continue to support them", he said.

Currently, India and Pakistan have a hotline between their DGMOs.

"We target all those posts from where they launch terrorists.

A very large amount of disinformation campaign is being spread in Jammu and Kashmir which is radicalising the youths through the social media and through the schools", he said. "We have to call their bluff", he said.

On the increased number of ceasefire violations and casualties, he said India was ready to retaliate against any threat and would continue this approach till it sees a decrease in violations.

Refusing to comment on the actual development on Washington's decision, Rawat said: "We'll have to wait and see" regarding the repercussions. "That is the next step that is being taken and therefore you will find that a quadrilateral is formed". "With China, we have an agreement not to change status quo".

Gen. Rawat said diplomatic efforts were under way and border demarcation talks were on between Bhutan and China. "We have focused on the western border for two decades".

The top military general said: "We are not getting into alliances but we are seeking support of other group of nations in the region so that we are not isolated against an assertive China". We are dealing with the situation.

On Tuting incident in Arunachal Pradesh, where Chinese civilians transgressed into Indian border to construct road in the region, Gen Rawat said, "The Chinese felt that they have ingressed into the Indian territory".