Barry Bennell trial: Boys had 'untold rule not to report abuse'

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Barry Bennell appearing via videolink at Liverpool Crown Court

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of Barry Bennell appearing via videolink at Liverpool Crown Court

Bennell is due to appear on video-link for the trial as he needs to be frequently fed through a tube due to illness, the court was told.

Mr Unsworth said he was also abused on trips to Wales, where he described staying in a "haunted house" with other boys.

Once again he alleged Follow Me would initiate sexual activity and Bennell would allegedly often end up in bed in the middle of two boys.

The horror films, Unsworth said, worked for Bennell because "you'd be frightened and probably move up close to him so he could hug you".

Mr Unsworth, who was also coached by Bennell at Crewe Alexandra, said the only times he had spoken about the details of the alleged abuse was on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, to the police and on Thursday in the courtroom.

He said the abuse would take place regularly after Bennell picked him up and also when he stayed overnight at Bennell's home.

The alleged victim told jurors that the former Crewe Alexandra coach would play a game of "follow me".

"He had pretty much unfettered access to large numbers of young lads who dreamt of a life in professional football", Mr Johnson added.

In the interview, Mr Bennell said: "I always tended to aim for the 13-year-olds because that was puberty age and they were becoming a bit more strong-willed and not tied to the apron strings".

A jury is expected to be sworn in later Monday for his trial at Liverpool Crown Court on the outstanding charges.

"The first time I will never forget it, " he said.

"I was just crying, the pain". "You knew where you wanted to get to and thought that this was just something you had to go through".

The man told the court he then made contact with Woodward.

The court heard how none of the boys who have alleged they were abused would speak to each other about their experience.

He said: 'This is not about compensation, this is about justice'.

Ms Laws put it to the complainant: 'I am going to suggest that you were not sexually abused at all by Barry Bennell, do you agree or disagree?'

A transcript of a police interview with Mr Bennell in February past year was read to the court, which included a denial that he had abused Mr Unsworth.

Mr Bennell is on trial for 35 counts of indecent assault, 11 serious sexual assaults and two counts of attempted sexual assault, on boys aged between eight and 14.

Bennell, described by the prosecution as a "devious paedophile", has admitted seven charges of sexually abusing three boys but pleaded not guilty to a further 48 counts relating to 11 alleged victims from 1979 to 1991.