Who Is Deyshia Hargrave? Louisiana Teacher Responds To School Board Meeting Arrest

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Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

Teacher Deyshia Hargrave being removed in handcuffs from a school board meeting in Vermillion, Louisiana.

"I am not, you just pushed me to the floor", Hargrave said. "You have a voice". Hargrave also expressed that she was "upset that no one stopped it from happening".

Deyshia Hargrave, a fifth- and sixth-grade English language-arts teacher at Rene Rost Middle School in Kaplan, La., was taken into custody Monday night at a meeting of the Vermilion Parish School Board after she asked why Superintendent Jerome Puyau was getting a almost $40,000 raise when teachers had not received a pay increase in years.

A Louisiana teacher who spoke out about teacher pay at a school board meeting was handcuffed by a law officer as she screamed on the floor while the officer tried to gain control of her in a brief struggle.

In the video, Hargrave makes the case that children learn in the classroom, and it is the teachers who are on the front line. She was handcuffed outside the meeting room and booked on charges that included resisting an officer.

The deputy marshal involved in the confrontation was sued in 2011 for excessive force when he was a police officer, court documents obtained by ABC News show.

Hilts was accused along with another officer of slamming an ailing 62-year-old man's head onto a concrete slab in 2011. But she told NBC that they were fine with it. The suit was settled in 2016.

Debbie Meaux, president of the Louisiana Association of Educators, called out Fontana over the comment.

The issue has become so contentious that the Vermilion Parish school board office went on lockdown Tuesday, but dozens are still overwhelming the OH police department located roughly 1,100 miles north.

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Puyau, speaking to NBC News in an interview that aired Wednesday night, said he deserved a raise because the school district ranked 6th in performance in Louisiana, though his pay ranked 57th.

Hargrave said she would like an apology from Puyau and the officer who arrested her.

Hargrave, in the video released by the education association, says she hopes people who view the video are strengthened by it, not intimidated by it.

Now, Puyua agrees with Hargrave that teachers deserve more money, but he wonders why she questioned his salary increase. "By hushing my voice, they've likewise taken away, or attempted to take away, my First Amendment appropriate to talk". "Sir, hold on, I am way smaller than you!"

The incident has gained national and global attention, with civil rights and educator groups calling it a violation of Hargrave's First Amendment rights.

Meanwhile, Hargrave has received a plethora of support from the public. He also said he hasn't replied directly to numerous commenters because he's trying to minimize interactions with people "who just love anarchy". Puyau asked. He acknowledged "there things that we could have done differently", but believes "a person has to follow the rules".

Board President Anthony Fontana, who told Hargrave that she was out of order, insinuated that the entire incident was a "set up" created to make the board look bad.

"It's about the teacher, and everybody wants to side on the poor little woman who got thrown out", Fontana told CNN affiliate WAFB. "We have certain guidelines: Three-minute discourse, it must be enlightened, it can't get off target, it must be identified with the issue before the board".

"The marshal did his job", Fontana added.

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