GST effect: Women write their 'Mann ki Baat' on sanitary napkins

Madhya Pradesh Students ask PM Modi to eliminate 12% GST on sanitary pads

Madhya Pradesh Students ask PM Modi to eliminate 12% GST on sanitary pads

The group encouraged women to write down their views on menstrual hygiene on sanitary napkins to mark their protest against it being placed under high GST slab.

The students wrote their messages on sanitary napkins to send it to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to get rid of the existing 12% Goods and Service Tax (GST) on the sanitary pads and make it free of cost.

The students launched the campaign to create awareness towards harassment faced by women and to put efforts on their empowerment.

As per reports of 2011 survey by AC Nielsen only 12% of women across India apply sanitary pads, due to a lack of accessibility and affordability and many Indian women even in this ultra modern world they use old clothes and other unhygienic substances such as sand, sawdust, leaves and sometimes even ash.

In the remote areas of the country, women use traditional means only but because of that, they suffer from various communicable diseases. Women use things during their menstrual days which is fatal to them. Women in rural areas can't spend Rs 100 on sanitary napkins. Instead of giving subsidy, it has been placed under the luxury item category. "Free napkins, at least GST-free napkins, must reach women", another activist, Preeti Joshi, told ANI. "We aim to send 1000 pads to the govt by 3rd March".

The initiative also sought to make sanitary napkins free of cost.

Reckoning that the Sanitary napkins which are integral for a woman's health during menstruation should be a subsidized item rather than being placed under the luxury items list, a student leader told ANI, "Sanitary napkins have been placed under 12% GST". But you tax sanitary napkins. It has been receiving extensive support from people through social media.