Female swimmer bitten by sea lion in San Francisco

A fourth San Francisco swimmer has been injured in a sea lion attack in the latest of a freakish series of encounters that began in the middle of last month.

A witness said he saw the woman bleeding badly when she got out of the water. "It bit her and pulled".

A woman swimming in the San Francisco Bay early Thursday became the latest person to be attacked by sea lion, as the spate of attacks in the area continued. One swimmer who has come to the cove for 50 years said he had never before heard of anything like the string of attacks.

"Reports of bites and contact abrasions from sea lions and harbor seals are relatively rare in open-water swimmers and typically involve the lower extremities", explained the authors. The fire department is also urging people to swim in pairs and keep an eye out.

Responders took the woman to San Francisco General Hospital for evaluation, while the city and National Park Service staff investigate the matter further.