Could a New Prince of Persia be in Development for PS4?

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

Although Prince of Persia was an extremely favored and well-known franchise at one point in time, the series' popularity dwindled, particularly during the last generation of consoles.

Jordan Mechner, the creator of Prince of Persia, recently took to Twitter to reveal that he is eager to see the dashing Prince return and that he and a few other people are fighting hard to try and make sure that happens.

Model Chrissy Teigan posted on Twitter this week about how much she enjoyed the game and wondered if the franchise was still alive. "We're doing our best to make it happen!"

Considering Assassin's Creed has its roots in Prince of Persia, it's definitely time for the former to retire for a few years.

Mechner was behind the very first Prince of Persia which released way back in 1989, since that release Mechner has been working with Ubisoft to develop the series reboot from 2001.

As of now, even though Jordan Mechner and a coterie of supporters want to resuscitate the series, it's not totally clear as to whether or not Ubisoft would give the go-ahead for another Prince of Persia game. That said, though, Ubisoft could very well surprise the world in 2018 by granting Mechner his wish of working on another game in the series. Ubisoft Montréal also piped up: "Unfortunately, the Prince of Persia franchise is still on pause at the moment".