Uber is being investigated for criminal behavior, Justice Department confirms

The Verge

The Verge

A letter was made public yesterday in Waymo's civil suit against Uber, which confirmed that the ride-share service is under a USA criminal investigation.

Alsup had referred the case to the justice department to investigate possible criminal charges, but prosecutors had maintained a silence after that.

"In the course of a United States' pending criminal investigation, the government interviewed a former Uber employee named Richard Jacobs", the letter said.

Information shared by the department with Alsup raised the possibility that Uber operated a programme to hide nefarious tactics, which led to a furore in the courtroom.

The Nov. 22 letter from the USA attorney's office for the Northern District of California does not specify exactly what is being investigated, but said that a former Uber employee revealed in an interview that the company had failed to disclose additional evidence to investigators.

The letter gives context to the decision by a federal judge hearing the Waymo v. Uber case to suspend the trial November 28.

The board of Uber approved the purchase of a company owned by former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski, who is accused of stealing seven years of research material about self-driving cars from his former employer, according to an investor's lawsuit in Delaware Chancery Court.

Mr. Jacobs informed the government that shortly after the Uber/Otto acquisition, Ed Russo (an Uber employee in the Strategic Services Group ("SSG")) gave a presentation in which he described a hypothetical scenario in which Uber's SSG could arrange to have two CEOs meet covertly for a long period of time prior to an acquisition of one company by another.