Vacation Simulator Announced for VR Platforms

Owlchemy Labs premiered the game with a trailer shown during The Game Awards 2017 pre-show. The team decided that the natural progression is after you finished working, that you will then go on a vacation.

During tonight's broadcast of The Game Awards, a new trailer was released for Owlchemy Labs' brand new title Vacation Simulator, which will take the wacky concepts from the studio's previous title Job Simulator and apply it to a fun vacation setting instead of an office cubicle.

The computer bosses from Job Simulator are along for the ride, and it looks like you're still going to be expected to follow their directives despite the fact that you're trying to get your tan on.

The creators of Job Simulator have come up with Vacation Simulator for PSVR.

Job Simulator was a hilarious launch title for both PlayStation VR and HTC Vive, and it ended up becoming one of the "must-have" apps for early VR adopters.