Priyank's girlfriend Divya exposes him and Puneesh is happy

Bigg Boss 11 Adorable moment! Vikas Gupta hugs Shilpa Shinde's mother. Watch video

Bigg Boss 11 Adorable moment! Vikas Gupta hugs Shilpa Shinde's mother. Watch video

With the luxury budget task on the anvil, the contestants are in for a huge surprise with a task titled 'Statue.' As a special treat, Bigg Boss has a surprise for all the contestants!

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to freeze to test the housemates. In today's episode, housemates' loved ones and family will visit them inside the house.

Well, let us reveal what happened after Divya left Bigg Boss 11 house. As soon as Puneesh was asked to move, he hugged his dad tightly and went through an emotional breakdown.

Vikas Gupta's tips to Priyank Sharma after Divya Agarwal leaves Bigg Boss 11 house. Even her boyfriend has a similar thing to say.

Then in a heart touching gesture, Rocky tells Hina that he has given his heart to her and how much he loves her. Even host Salman Khan has slammed her attitude on a few occasions. He broke down on hearing her hard-hitting remarks. Priyank too apologised to her for his actions that may have hurt Vikas's mother as well. The kind lady warmly met everyone and told them that they have been playing well. This also irked Hiten, who told her that he is supporting Vikas for being his friends. She advised them to be kind to each other. He even made Arshi lie on the bed, and got quite cosy with her.

But when Arshi's father entered in the house, the atmosphere was more amusing than emotional. He walked up to every house member and greeted them warmly, as he spoke kind words about them. Before leaving, he took Arshi to a corner and told her to add some variations in her appearance and make-up.

Not only this, he also told Arshi to change her hairstyle now, may be tie her hair in a pony which will give her an all new look. Vikas Gupta gets angry with Arshi Khan Once again, Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan ott into a fight with each other. Following an early ouster from the captaincy task, Shilpa had nothing to do, while Arshi wasted all her energy into Shilpa-shaming. The video starts with Akash approaching Arshi's bed after the lights went out, and she jokingly telling him not to come to her but sleep next to Shilpa.

After her father leaves, she gets into an argument with Shilpa, as she feels Shilpa disrespected her father!