Orioles pitcher changes number to honor Colorado native Roy Halladay

Alex Box Stadium

Alex Box Stadium

Orioles pitcher Kevin Gausman will wear No. 34 next season as a tribute to Roy Halladay, the Colorado native and former Major League Baseball all-star who was killed in a plane crash last month.

Gausman has worn No. 37 and No. 39 over the last five seasons with the Orioles but he'll wear No. 34 next season for a special reason - in honor of Roy Halladay, the two-time Cy Young Award victor who died in November in a plane crash.

Announcing his decision to switch jersey numbers on Twitter, Gausman said Halladay was his idol growing up because they both hailed from Colorado, a state that is known more for producing winter Olympic athletes than baseball players.

"The older I got, the more I began to understand the challenges of being a baseball player in Colorado", Gausman wrote.

"The loss of Roy was tragic and is saddening, but I feel honored to have watched everything he achieved. I plan to wear #34 next season to honor Roy Halladay both on and off the field".

The former Tiger ace pitched in 34 games last season for the Orioles, finishing with an 11-12 record and a 4.68 ERA.

Kevin Gausman will wear No. 34 next season.

Gausman was a 1st round selection by the Orioles in the 2012 MLB Draft.

The Tiger ace had a big sophomore year, starting 17 games, finishing with a 12-2 record and a 2.77 ERA.

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